About Daniel Zenzes

my name is Daniel Zenzes and I am a passionate software crafter. You may know me as one of the hosts of Ready for Review, as an author of articles in IT magazines and tech blogs, or maybe you don't know me at all - that's perfectly fine too! I share some of my articles, talks, podcast episodes and other publications on this site.


Ready for review

Sandra Parsick and I have been producing the podcast and the associated YouTube stream every month since 2020. Ready for review is about current topics and discussions from IT, new technological trends or just the family IT support we both regularly have the pleasure to provide.

Herr Zenzes wills wissen

As a tech enthusiast, I'm passionate about exploring the captivating world of Information Technology and related fields. Every month, I bring you engaging conversations with interesting guests from IT to uncover the latest trends, innovations, and insights in the IT sphere.

In each episode, I sit down with a fascinating guest for an in-depth interview, seeking not only to expand my knowledge but also yours.

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