Deep Work - Cal Newport

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Following "Digital Minimalism," "Deep Work" was the second book by Cal Newport that I immersed myself into. The former had an overemphasis on "success stories" which seemed disruptive to me, but in "Deep Work," Newport strikes the right balance, in my opinion.

But what exactly is Deep Work? Essentially, Cal Newport differentiates between Shallow Work (simpler tasks) and "Deep Work," which refers to focused work on a specific task or subject. The author provides several reasons why we often fail to work with concentration, the benefits of doing so, and how one can integrate Deep Work into their everyday work routine.

The book lays the groundwork for several themes later elaborated in "Digital Minimalism" and advocates for incorporating periods of focused work on a single subject into the daily work routine. I am personally familiar with this concept from software development, where, aided by the right playlist, I quickly find myself "in the flow." However, in roles influenced by appointments and coordination, I find it more challenging to work focused on individual topics.

This review was originally written in 2020 and was previously published on my old website.

This post is based on my opinion and experience. It is based on what worked for me in my context. I recognize, that your context is different.
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