Some updates for April 2023

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April has started with a few minor updates that I'd like to share here on the blog.

New Ready for Review episodes

  1. "Rfr044 - DevOps? Gibts nicht!" - Here we talked about two articles from this blog. Strategy vs Tactics in Software Development and Unlocking Productivity: Understanding the Importance of Developer Experience. This episode complements both articles.
  2. "Rfr045 - Engelsklang und Teufelszeug" - In this episode Sandra and I have some news and links to share. I gave an overview of build tools in the JavaScript ecosystem there and talked a bit about the history of them. I plan to post something about this on this blog as well.

Herr Zenzes wills wissen

I released a new episode for Herr Zenzes wills wissen and announced a reboot. The first recordings will follow here in the coming weeks, and I'm looking forward to filling the podcast with life again.

In parallel, I migrated the podcast from my old provider Podigee to my own solution. While Podigee makes sense for "Ready for Review", it's rather overkill for "Herr Zenzes wills wissen". I plan to describe how I did the migration here on the blog as well.

And what else?

Over Easter, I was sick, which is why I didn't get to do much. In the following days and weeks there will be more content on this blog.

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